Meet the owners

owners of dreamcatcher palolem beach

This beautiful, clean, spacious and well-plannedcampsite is run and maintained by two people, Jackie and Walter.

Walter came to Goa with barely anything in his pocket and worked his way up to what he is today. His story is interesting enough to be a conversation topic and a subject for an inspirational book.

Jackie came to Goa to get away from her then confused life in England. They met 13 years back to start a restaurant called 'The Banyan Tree' at the North end of Palolem beach. Since then, they've come a long way. Today, they work side-by-side to run the largest and the most beautiful campsites in south goa, The Dreamcatcher Resort. With over 55 individually designed cottages and beautiful restaurant all built with personal attention and care. The hospitality and the warmth of the place is famous around the world.

Jacky has been in Goa since the past 18 years and is very popular here for her spiritual blend, Jackie is the heart and soul of the campsite where as Walter is the body. She looks into the minutest of details Walter on the other hand looks after the infrastructure, operations and legalities of the business. He is the guy who "makes it all happen" and makes sure things run smoothly.

As they say around here, You might get a cheaper deal in Palolem, but you can never get the dreamcatcher experience anywhere else.

The Begining

Africa campsite 2002 carrying straw for the roof 2008 dreamcatcher 2nd year dreamcatcher bare land dreamcatcher early year dreamcatcher how it was 2008 dreamcatcher moonbeam 2002 dreamcatcher restaurant after fire 2008 dreamcatcher shantie 2008 dreamcatcher straw huts old dreamcatcher 2008 old signboard on the beach 2008 our first house in dreamcatcher 2008 the gatehouse in 2004

Birds Eye View

The Resort

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